Nearly two-thirds of those who died young in 2019 were male, research finds The research said that widening gender inequities in many regions have been driven by poor progress in addressing the leading causes of death for boys and young men.

Stories to save the world: the new wave of climate fiction What happened to the world we used to know?? Several novelists explore climate disaster in this report from the guardian newspaper. A must read!!

Uneasy Male Emotions. Men pay the price for not being able to… | by Gerald Washington | Change Becomes You | Oct, 2021 | Medium Why is it so revolutionary for people to realize that men have emotions? Of course we have the emotions! Deep ones; that our culture teaches us to repress, with great cost to women, the environment, and Society in general.

The Hero, The Sage, and The Individual – Bullhorn I have a choice about the voice I decide to speak with. What an amazing concept!! I speak to myself in a gentle, fatherly voice; with a kind heart, a loving demeanor, and a rational, inquiring stance. But I often present myself to the world with a tremulous voice, filled with doubt, and wonder. … Continue reading The Hero, The Sage, and The Individual – Bullhorn

Being a Sexually Authentic, Conscious and Empowered Man

Source: Being a Sexually Authentic, Conscious and Empowered Man   ----- Excerpted from: "The ManKind Project Journal" I entered my weekend as a man in the midst of a brutal divorce. I was being viciously vilified around my sexuality, the center of a public slander campaign. Overnight I had become an outcaste, a persona non … Continue reading Being a Sexually Authentic, Conscious and Empowered Man

Toxic Femininity… The Female Equivalent of Toxic Masculinity

Toxic femininity

Feminist Wave

The term toxic masculinity is often used to imply that men, generally, are cold-hearted beasts but what it actually refers to is stereotypical male traits, validated by culture, taking forms that are not only damaging to the society but even to men themselves. In toxic masculinity strength morphs into violence and assertiveness turns into entitlement. The result is a man who can’t take no for an answer, and who often become the subjects of #MeToo posts.

Even though the conversation often revolves around toxic masculinity, there is the other side of the coin — toxic femininity. As any self-help guru worth their salt will tell you — where there is a yin, there is a yang. So yes, there is such a thing as toxic femininity and it comes in many forms. Though it is hard to perfectly define toxic femininity because it isn’t a simple, enclosed box. But like…

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