Stories to save the world: the new wave of climate fiction What happened to the world we used to know?? Several novelists explore climate disaster in this report from the guardian newspaper. A must read!!

Uneasy Male Emotions. Men pay the price for not being able to… | by Gerald Washington | Change Becomes You | Oct, 2021 | Medium Why is it so revolutionary for people to realize that men have emotions? Of course we have the emotions! Deep ones; that our culture teaches us to repress, with great cost to women, the environment, and Society in general.

The Hero, The Sage, and The Individual – Bullhorn I have a choice about the voice I decide to speak with. What an amazing concept!! I speak to myself in a gentle, fatherly voice; with a kind heart, a loving demeanor, and a rational, inquiring stance. But I often present myself to the world with a tremulous voice, filled with doubt, and wonder. … Continue reading The Hero, The Sage, and The Individual – Bullhorn