Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You – Farnam Street In this column, the author describes two intellectual paradigms that help him organize his day. One is called the maker and the other is call the manager. Understanding the differences can help you be more creative and efficient.

Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope Say, neighbor! Is that a storm coming up on us? Or is that a rainbow on the horizon? Hmm....

From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time

By Daria Haner We can all agree that Western gender roles have changed vastly from generation to generation– from the proper Victorian lady of the house, to the stereotypical 1950s housewife, to the working woman today. However, I would like to explore how masculinity has developed over the generations, specifically in Europe and the United … Continue reading From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time

New study helps cattle ranchers monitor ecological impact on U.S. rangelands

Cattle ranchers in the U.S. will soon have a systematic way of measuring the ecological impact that their industry has… Why is this important?

Sophie Harris-Taylor photographs new fathers in her latest series Beautiful pictures of new fathers doing their fathering. No additional words are necessary.

Into the Abyss – White supremacy in America The abyss that this author is talking about is deep within the white supremacy movement which appears to be growing larger in the American consciousness. By infiltrating into their meeting and documenting their abuses, she gives us her urgent warnings. And now, for an historical perspective, this:

Are you making pro-choice people into the boogeyman?

The title might be outrageous but the content is educational and fair. At least I hope so. If you disagree please, please let me know.

The Minimise Project

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It’s Hallowe’en! The night where we dress up as ghosts and goblins and celebrate all things spooky. Or if you’re me, the night where I dig out the same pumpkin costume that I’ve put on all three of my babies so far while being thankful that I have a creative spouse who takes on the more elaborate job of making paper mache masks and cardboard swords.

I’ve been thinking this Hallowe’en about how it’s funny that once a year, we dress ourselves up as scary evil creatures, but year round we dress other people up as scary evil boogeymen. In other words, we make our opponents out to be worse than they are. This is similar to straw manning, but instead of misinterpreting the arguments and positions our opponent holds, we misinterpret their motivations.

Pro-life people know what it’s like to be…

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The Three Buddhist Steps to Repairing Relationships Buddhist practice in an environmental blog post? One aspect of the environmental crisis is the rancorous debate about causes and effects. Folks get animated and angry and don't listen to each other. And because of that, there is little common ground. The best way to establish common ground is to teach folks how to … Continue reading The Three Buddhist Steps to Repairing Relationships