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Men Learning Women’s Opinions

Feminism in India

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Amanda Atherton – a professional with a pen name

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When Women Inspire

The Yalla Feminists


Gynocertrism and Its Origins

  • Women’s performance of weakness and vulnerability is a great source of power.
  • Grandparents also get alienated from grandchildren via divorce. Will grandparents give up on the idea due to the risks?
  • Unintended Effects Of Transgender Activism On Men’s Issues (Peter Wright) Transphobia vs. Manphobia (Peter Wright) The Many Boons of Transmaxxing (Peter Wright) Anti-trans Feminists Are Now Reaping the Whirlwind (Janice Fiamengo) Feminism’s Transgender Fruit — Process Philosophy in Action (Peter Wright) Girls Who Transition […]

still searching for prince charming

  • Type “kink in pregnancy” into a search engine and you’ll mainly find medical articles about a physical kink in the ureter during pregnancy or results (that are mainly porn) about pregnancy fetishes. There are only a handful of articles covering […]
  • So your girlfriend has told you she’s pregnant. Exciting, nerve-wracking time. No doubt you’re subtly Googling what to do when you find out your partner is pregnant and you’re sure to come across a torrent of advice articles. This isn’t […]
  • Ever fantasised about having sex in the shower? Of course you have, you sexy beast. In fact, according to the sex toy company We Vibe, 20% of Brits regularly fantasise about having sex in the shower. But when it comes […]

Reappropriate – Asian American feminism, politics, and pop culture

  • By: Frankie Huang March 16th 2021 was a dark day for the Asian American community. That was the day of the spa shootings in Atlanta, Georgia left eight dead; six of the shooting victims were women of Asian descent. The shooting came  at […]
  • By Rohan Zhou-Lee When a Filipina American woman in upstate New York was brutally attacked on March 11 this year, many Stop Asian Hate activists, particularly Filipinos, were in uproar. After yet another year of heightened anti-Asian violence, we were fed up. Filipinos […]
  • How does Filipinx American history and identity shape or complicate the Asian American experience? Why are Filipinx American stories so often undertold or overlooked? This Filipinx American History Month, Reappropriate is excited to solicit pitches for short- or long-form personal essays on Filipinx […]

From famine to feast

  • Did you know that Peter Gabriel named five of his albums, “Peter Gabriel”? I guess he hated coming up with titles too. His new stuff is good – “Playing for Time” is in my “current rotation” Spotify playlist. It’s good. […]
  • There are some beautiful, knowledgeable posts up about St. Paddy’s Day and the different celebrations that abound. There are probably ones teaching a bit about the day as well. This isn’t one of those. I know very little besides the […]
  • We’re greedy. We’re a more-ish species, not to be confused with Moorish. Though some of us might be Moorish as well. For me, that’s unlikely. My line seems confined to the British Isles once you trace it back to the […]

The Female Gaze

  • by Katie Constantine
    Written by: Katie Constantine Edited by: Catherine Harlow The Dada art movement, originating in 1916 Zurich, was a reaction to WWI as people were frustrated with the state of society and the world. The movement’s goal was to mock and […]
  • by Katie Constantine
    When you can’t travel yourself, armchair traveling is the way to go. We’ve collected the top 10 YouTube travel channels to help you explore the world from the comfort of your living room. Kara and Nate They may be one […]
  • by Katie Constantine
    Abbott Elementary is a new mockumentary sitcom created, starring, and executive produced by comic Quinta Brunson. Taking place in a poorly-funded public school in Philadelphia, the comedy is made up of young teachers bursting with innovative teaching ideas and veteran […]

The Minimize Project

Bitches Get Riches

  • by Piggy
    While we were in the mystical city of Cincinnati recently, we did a live Drunk AMA on YouTube! It was great. We slow-flossed to a church hymn and dispelled the rumor that Ducky is, in fact, a vampire. One of the questions […]
  • by Kitty
    When news of the Silicon Valley Bank crash broke, I sighed deeply. Because sighing deeply is the age-appropriate version of a toddler pounding their fists on the floor screaming “I don’ wanna, I don’ wanna, I DON’ WANNA!” That’s always how I […]
  • by Piggy
    You check the mailbox. In between the ubiquitous Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon, snail mail from your Aunt Clarita, and a bill you’d rather ignore, you see it: you’ve been pre-approved for a brand new credit card! Holy shitballs, what luck! Of […]

Toxic Feminism

  • Women are systematically more hostile to freedom of speech than are men. As institutions, including universities, have become more feminised, they have become more hostile to freedom of expression and thought” Helen Dale, Cap X. Men should respect. International Women’s Day and […]
  • Following the debacle over the Scottish gender self-identification bill there appears to be a campaign, organised by some the of the less self critical strands of feminism, to blame the problem on men. This ignores the fact that there are […]
  • Unfortunately, there are idiots out there and for that reason most websites that allow public comment have moderators to weed out abusive and insulting content. They are, it might be said, a necessary evil. But what if moderators misuse their […]

Feminism and Religion

  • by Marie Cartier
    Thank you to –the Oscars! My movie SCAVENGE FOR YOUR LIFE. I’m so thrilled to be nominated and to WIN! Thank you! In the year 2050—and here we are, right? Am I right? Right! SCAVENGE FOR YOUR LIFE. In the […]
  • by Carolyn Lee Boyd
    This was originally posted on February 1, 2013 As I rise at 5:30 each morning, my spirit reawakens in a between-the-worlds realm of absolute beginnings. For those few minutes of quiet and slowly revealing dawn light, I revel in mystical newness, […]
  • by Judith Shaw
    Night becomes day, winter becomes spring, children become adults who become elders who become ancestors – transformation is a theme that appears again and again in our myths, legends and natural world. But transformation is not easy as it requires […]

Rough Wighting

  • I call him, sucking in my breath and biting my tongue so I won’t cry. He hates emotion. But he loves me. I know that. As long as I don’t cry. “Hay lo,” my brother the accountant answers. It’s noon; […]
  • Two weeks ago, my neighbor Missy dropped off her parrot JOJO at my house and raced off to visit her ailing father in Florida. At the time, JoJo, an ancient Psittacine, prophesized that Missy’s dad would die. JoJo was right. […]
  • “Pam, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’ll take JoJo.” Missy said, appearing at my front door holding a large, covered birdcage with an elaborate gold handle at the top. “Well, I don’t know much about parrots, […]

Feminist Wave

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Keep It Alive

  • Imagine a big waiting room full of people All are waiting for their transport to pick them up Their train or plane arrives and they board and leave The rest are still their in the waiting room awaiting their turn […]
  • Punam’s prompt guidelines What is an pantoum? ➰➰➰ It was left abandoned and gathering dust Having adorned my wrist for so many years The watch I wore with pride is now collecting rust Without its reassuring presence I had so […]
  • Fleetwood Mac- Peacekeeper Lyrics We make all of our suns the sameEvery one will suffer the fire we’ve madeThey all explode just the sameAnd there’s no going back on the plans we’ve made  Peacekeeper, take your timeWait for the dark […]

Millennium Femme

  • Monogamy definition Noun 1. the practice of marrying or state of being married to one person at a time. 2. the practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner. 3. the habit of having only one […]
  • There was no conversation about the green one when the resurgence of calling outpersonal/dating red flags. Green flags are reminders of your personal growth and all thepositive things you have done. In this rollercoaster we call life, it is essential […]
  • Happy women’s month I’ve picked series/movies/biographies dedicated to iconic women throughout Herstory that have done a great deal of change throughout time! First on my list is ‘Harriet’. Released in 2019. Starring Cynthia Erivo (Harriet Tubman), Janelle Monae(and many more […]

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