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Men Learning Women’s Opinions

Feminism in India

  • by Mridula Sharma
    Hwang Dong-hyuk directorial Squid Game is a South Korean dystopian drama series on Netflix that features cash-strapped contestants playing deadly games to win 45.6 billion won (approximately 2 billion rupees). The post Squid Game: A Dystopian South Korean Commentary […]
  • by Shilpashree Mishra
    Despite the increasing number of women calling for a more positive attitude to body hair, Indian cosmetic and beauty brands have still not taken any initiative to normalise body hair. The post Can We Really Just Let Our Body […]
  • by India Development Review
    Although community health workers have been the backbone of the fight against Covid-19 in India, there has not been sufficient focus on their well-being and working conditions. Based on a survey in the Bundelkhand region, among the poorest regions […]

Amanda Atherton – a professional with a pen name

When Women Inspire

The Yalla Feminists


Gynocertrism and Its Origins

  • By Michael Delahoyde Introduction: We are so familiar with the love tradition that we mistake it for a natural and universal phenomenon and have no impulse to inquire into its origins. But it is difficult if not impossible to show love to be anything […]
  • There are many characters from Greek mythology who displayed involuntary celibacy, but perhaps none more famous than Apollo, the god of rational thought. Jungian psychologists view Greek gods and goddesses as archetypes – themes that appear not only in mythology but also psychologically and […]
  • Painting by artist William de Leftwich Dodge (1910) showing Guinevere looking into Narcissus’ Mirror, with Lancelot sniffing at her hand in recognition of her femdom. This image illustrates the taproot of feminism’s concern with maintaining or increasing the power of women, a process facilitated […]

still searching for prince charming

  • The Joker In they come from the rain. Dripping, adjusting, furrowed brows softening. Peeling off layers, rearranging, shaking heads of fluffy hair. In they come from the rain. Water puddles, hoods dribble, wallets found – menus coveted. In they come […]
  • It’s nearly October and we’re reaching the end of the first leg of this journey. So far, I’ve broken my fertility story into six stages: you can read Stage 6 here, Stage 5 here, Stage 4 here, Stage 3 here, […]
  • Hello Followers, old and new! Many of you are fellow bloggers; perhaps you’re blogging as a hobby or you’re sustaining a living from it. Those who read my blog posts will likely realise that this blog is a hobby for […]

Reappropriate – Asian American feminism, politics, and pop culture

  • By Guest Contributor: GAPIMNY – Empowering Queer & Trans Asian Pacific Islanders As Asian American organizations and communities, we express our unrelenting solidarity for Haitian and Black immigrants under attack at the Southern Border. We demand the Biden Administration immediately end the mass […]
  • Last Friday, filmmaker Justin Chon’s latest – Blue Bayou – opened in theatres nationwide, and I interviewed Chon as well as actor Linh-Dan Pham about the film. Shortly after the film’s release, however, members of the adoptee community took to social media to […]
  • Asian American filmmaker Justin Chon’s latest film – Blue Bayou – opens today in theatres nationwide. In the film, Linh-Dan Pham plays Parker, a Vietnamese refugee who has resettled with her father in the New Orleans area and who is in the end […]

From famine to feast

  • *Mentions suicide. I’m going to complain about my pain again. [i] It’s not that I think the “out there” behind my computer screen cares in a seriously significant way; it’s that my IRL doesn’t care much at all. The first […]
  • I like serendipity, and although there’ve been challenges in my life (my whinier self thinks to an unfair degree), I’ve been lucky in the serendipity stakes. Evidence includes the essay below showing up when I needed to read it. Of […]
  • Once upon a time, there was a very nice girl. Or perhaps she was nice without qualification. The road to hell is paved with adverbs, or so I’ve been told. Who decided adverbs were verboten anyway (Have I asked this […]

The Female Gaze

The Minimize Project

Bitches Get Riches

Toxic Feminism

  • In order to be revolutionary, feminist theory cannot claim to describe what exists, or, “natural facts.” Rather, feminist theories should be political tools, strategies for overcoming oppression in specific concrete situations. The goal, then, of feminist theory, should be to […]
  • (Another Angry Oxbridge Eng Lit Feminist in the Media) In another post, I have commented on the over-representation of English Literature graduates from Oxford and Cambridge in the UK media. Many of these journalists have pronounced feminist leanings – see […]
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed some of the worst aspects of feminism. It quickly became apparent that men were more likely to die as a result of COVID-19 infection and that was a threat to the feminist sense of unique […]

Feminism and Religion

  • by Sara Wright
    The Old Woman still lives in the Forest as she once did in fairy tales. She can present her dark side to those who are uninitiated (mirror mirror on the wall…) but she also offers gifts to those that visit… […]
  • by Molly Remer
    Five years ago, I wrote an essay for Feminism and Religion musing about rituals for our sons. I wondered aloud how we welcome sons in manhood, how we create rituals of celebrations and rites of passages for our boys as… […]
  • by Sara Wright
    It interests me that September 30th was declared Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada because this is the day I was born and this is where I think we need to begin. Truth and Reconciliation is about acknowledging the wound… […]

Rough Wighting

  • Almost surreal, the rain continued even as the sun peeked out like a shy little girl. Buttoning up my rain coat, I left the safety of my front door and raced toward the car. “Can’t you see where you’re going?” […]
  • He was a teenager. That’s the first bit of information I should share with you before you judge me. From the age of 13 to 15, he changed from a huggable, lovable son who bought  me flowers to a changing-voiced […]
  • Sally finally made the phone call. She planned on answering Ben when he first asked. But that had been – oh dear – at Great Aunt Agatha’s 90th birthday party five days ago. Ben was her cousin. But not by […]

Feminist Wave

  • My current read is Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach by the renowned writer and feminist theorist, Minna Salami. In the book, particularly in the first chapter, Of Knowledge, she introduces the phrase “Europatriarchal Knowledge” as the rigid, rule-bound and […]
  • I recently read a blog post on the difference between feminism and divine femininity. The author’s opinion was that feminism is not a true representation of femininity and that it is a movement designed to steer hatred towards men. After […]
  • Colourism in Kenya is a widely ignored topic yet it is one of the most complex and sensitive issues that dark-skinned women have to deal with. But what is colourism? According to the Oxford dictionary, it is the prejudice or […]

Keep It Alive

  • In the misty seaLike ships passing in the nightI saw you once And it felt to me that we were fatedBut it was allThat ever happened and now I waitI wait to meet youYou who was to be my destiny, […]
  • Melanie is the host of SYW QUESTIONS Are you easily frightened or startled? Sometimes I can be startled enough to shriek in response. Once my daughter and grandson were standing outside the bathroom and when I came out they both […]
  • Rory asks; Do you see who you wish to see when you look in the mirror? The answer to Rory’s question would have been different 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was still trying to be a different person […]

Millennium Femme

  • 10th October 2021 was world mental health day and this year’s theme was “Mental health in an unequal world”. Most people with mental health disorders face discrimination, stigma, limited access to housing, welfare and social support and work. Now add […]
  • Back in June this year, I wrote about the damming disparity in media & public attention when it comes to Black people being murdered comparatively to their white counterparts.  Take the haunting murder of Dea-John Reid, aged 14, in a […]
  • Of lately, I’ve spread myself a little bit too thin; with various projects, jobs and outings taking place, I haven’t had time to reflect and invest time in me.  Due to my fear of missing out, I always say yes! […]

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