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Feminism in India

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When Women Inspire

The Yalla Feminists

  • Lina AbiRafeh Tonga. Saturday January 16, 2022. An underwater volcano erupted, probably the biggest on record in more than 30 years. The result was tsunamis across the Pacific — a massive natural disaster. The damage has already been significant. At this stage, deaths and injuries […]
  • Lina AbiRafeh In 2002, I flew to Afghanistan with $20,000 down my pants. I was 27 years old — enthusiastic, naive, and…terrified. The journey took 17.5 hours. The money in my pants was funding I had been given to start my work. When […]
  • Rebecca O’ Keeffe Yesterday, January 12th, marked twelve years since the devastating Haitian earthquake where it is estimated over 250,000 people lost their lives, about 300,000 people were injured, and 1.5 million people were displaced. In fact, one-third of the population were affected […]


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Gynocertrism and Its Origins

  • *The following is a Q & A interview by Jewel Eldora – PW Peter Wright is an Australian researcher and writer who has published research and analysis on the history of Gynocentrism since 2007.  Wright has written books, interviews, and academic research articles on chivalry, gynocentrism, human attachment, […]
  • This article is in response to Paul Elam and Peter Wright’s excellent recent critique[1] of Briffault’s Law. I have also critiqued Briffault’s law in my article linked here[2]. The manosphere has to have a mechanism of addressing and identifying bad ideas. Bad ideas that are not only […]
  • By Paul Elam & Peter Wright Hey guys. From time to time I have the pleasure of collaborating on a piece with Peter Wright of Though it is written in first person, this is one of those pieces. My sincere thanks to Peter. […]

still searching for prince charming

  • One month ago, I turned 30. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far: You can be authentic and not give everything away. Don’t feel guilty about giving up on a book after about 80 pages. It may be a bestseller but […]
  • Whether you’re looking for advice on how to give a blowjob or blowjob tips more generally, you’ve cum come to the right place. You’ll probably have worked out from my blog that I don’t have a willy, so I’ve rounded […]
  • Each Wednesday there’s a prompt for bloggers to create an erotic post along this theme. This week, the prompt was “Top 10”. (I rarely get involved with Wicked Wednesday, not because I don’t like the prompts but because my day […]

Reappropriate – Asian American feminism, politics, and pop culture

  • By Guest Contributor: Sudip Bhattacharya In The Loneliest Americans, Jay Caspian Kang attempts to argue that mainstream “Asian American” politics is a fabrication: a smokescreen behind which some of us hide, or from which we try to glean some superficial meaning. Asian Americans […]
  • By Guest Contributor: Nam Le “It’s pronounced phở, not fuh.”  It is a joyless sentence to say, if I am ever saying it at all. My first language is a rusty hand-me-down — the kind of thing I am shy to show in […]
  • By Guest Contributor: Sung Yeon Choimorrow, Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) Last year, on the campaign trail, our first Asian American vice presidential candidate spoke about her mom. She recalled how Shyamala Gopalan Harris — a proud, Indian-American immigrant […]

From famine to feast

  • When I was growing up, my dad was the photographer. As a result, there aren’t as many pictures of him in the albums, the fate of all photographers. As a single mother, this was also my fate: there was no […]
  • There are ten books on my bedside table. I don’t usually count the books in my “getting to it” pile, so that was a bit of a surprise. There are a further sixteen in the library downstairs, but I suspect […]
  • (This story came to me yesterday, and I’d already decided to use it, regardless of the prompt. How handy that “what’s a superpower you’d love to have” fits into the plan so nicely. I’m enjoying moving beyond the mental illness […]

The Female Gaze

  • by Kathryn Cooperman
    ​​In this five-part series, Kathryn and Hayley discuss some of their favorite indie mystery games. You can find part 3, which was published last week, here. In part 4, Kathryn and Hayley continue their discussion of the Nancy Drew and […]
  • by Kathryn Cooperman
    ​​In this five-part series, Kathryn and Hayley discuss some of their favorite indie mystery games. Parts 1 and 2 were published last October. In part 3, Kathryn and Hayley continue where they left off. They discuss their personal experiences with […]
  • by Katie
    Betty White’s passing hits hard. I’m so happy she lived such a long and prosperous life, but death brings with it a sorrowful feeling for those who are left behind. As a child, I watched Golden Girls with my Mom […]

The Minimize Project

Bitches Get Riches

  • by Kitty
    In a society that’s supposedly equitable, why are some people poor, and other people rich? Piggy and I discussed a ton of things when we first started our personal finance blog. But one thing we didn’t talk about was our target audience. […]
  • by Piggy
    One of my favorite blogs, the ever brilliant Nonprofit As Fuck, has this great piece titled “When You Don’t Disclose Salary Range on a Job Posting, a Unicorn Loses Its Wings.” It’s a snarky, 100% accurate treatise on the evils of not […]
  • by Kitty
    Have you ever sat down and truly asked yourself: What does your dream cost? It’s a new year. Lots of folks use this time to buckle down and set new goals. Personally, I’m eschewing any kind of quest for productivity or self-improvement […]

Toxic Feminism

  • (What do Will Knowland, James Damore, Allessandro Strumia, Larry Summers and now Glass Blind Spot have in common?) Feminists like to claim that it is they who lack power but were they to ask themselves two simple questions they might […]
  • That zombie click-bait rag, the Guardian, has been excelling itself with the misandrist dross it publishes. The article below, written by Alexandra Topping, appeared in the Guardian on December 23rd. Alexandra is yet another Oxbridge English Literature graduate writing for […]
  • Jess Phillips is the Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley. Jess was formerly a business development manager for Women’s Aid in the West Midlands. She was selected as a Labour Party candidate via an all-women shortlist. Jess has a […]

Feminism and Religion

Rough Wighting

  • Tina is The New Girl and, according to Thomas – The One to Watch. How she made it on The Guest List is anyone’s guess. Even though Every Note (Tina) Played on the cello is sweeter than summer, more revealing […]
  •           Yay for you, for me, for the two of us Sailing through 2021 with little fuss. Sure we had ups, we had downs In fact the year had us spinning round and round.     […]
  • As we begin to mix the batter for peanut butter kiss cookies (my grandson’s -GS’s – choice), I hum to the Christmas music in the background. GS has refused to wear my “Christmas apron” that I bring out every December […]

Feminist Wave

  • Recently came across a TikTok video by the user @ayandastood, they posted a snippet of Zendaya’s interview in the British Vogue October 2021 issue. So definitely I had to get my hands on the magazine, first, because I’m a fan […]
  • My current read is Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach by the renowned writer and feminist theorist, Minna Salami. In the book, particularly in the first chapter, Of Knowledge, she introduces the phrase “Europatriarchal Knowledge” as the rigid, rule-bound and […]
  • I recently read a blog post on the difference between feminism and divine femininity. The author’s opinion was that feminism is not a true representation of femininity and that it is a movement designed to steer hatred towards men. After […]

Keep It Alive

  • She had thought about and imagined this moment for years, but she’d never expected to be actually invited backstage when her favorite band was playing. Millie was a fan of The eagles since she was old enough to appreciate good […]
  • ➰➰➰ Sprawled on the footpath, with all his belongings scattered artfully, as if marking his territory, the old man stared at the passerby defiantly like he was challenging them. There was that peculiar scent around him that we find around […]
  • What are you looking for?Aimlessly wandering around Trying to remember what it wasThat made you get up and venture outIt was just a few minutes ago that You had a purpose, a quest But now you find your mind blankTotally […]

Millennium Femme

  • To make this year the best year for you, I feel establishing and setting mental exit strategies are essential. Now, when I speak of mental exit strategies, I’m not saying to numb your brain and take a wander; I’m instead […]
  • Christmas is the time of the year where we show appreciation to our loved ones in the form of gifts – it’s a co-opted holiday designed to appease the gift giving love language. I pride myself on my gift giving […]
  • T’is the season to be ho-ho-horny! If you hadn’t heard that before, fasten your sleigh belts as I’m about to run you through these seasonal sex moves that will make the Angel atop your tree cover their eyes. You won’t […]

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