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Feminist voices on a man’s blog? Because we have to talk with each other more!

Men Learning Women’s Opinions

Feminism in India

Amanda Atherton – a professional with a pen name

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When Women Inspire

The Yalla Feminists

  • Lina AbiRafeh Today the US celebrates its independence. Let’s recall our history: the country declared independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776. The official Declaration of Independence was adopted two days later. The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia went ding! And the rest is […]
  • Lina AbiRafeh … cuz we might not know what we should know! Nearly one week later and I’m still marinating in rage. Paralysis. And no idea how to channel this into something remotely useful. I was 15 the first time I went to stand outside […]
  • Lina AbiRafeh A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Afghanistan on Wednesday 22 June leaving more than 1000 dead, over 1500 injured, and 3000 homes destroyed. And with this being the worst earthquake in 20 years, the numbers are likely to rise. At this stage, it is […]


  • By Jamie Lindsey A new store is coming to Joplin and is set to open on December 12. Auntie Sal’s Emporium is, according to part-owner, Marissa Bonilla, “An eclectic catch-all with hair involved.”  Browsing through the pathways of Auntie Sal’s Emporium, you will […]
  • As October concludes, Amanda and Cassia shared their stories and experience dealing with breast cancer. Read more to hear their stories as well as learn information about where to go for more resources and screenings.
  • We won't go back.

Gynocertrism and Its Origins

  • Discussion about transgenderism is all the rage, with many people railing against what they view as a Frankenstein fad, and yet others who are encouraging the trend beyond what anyone would consider reasonable limits – e.g., gender-affirming surgery for children. A third approach is […]
  • Article from the 1948 publication 'Men's Review' on the topic of why its wrong to expect men to pay.
  • The following excerpts are from David L. Miller’s 1991 essay Why Men Are Mad: Nothing Envy and The Fascration Complex. At a time when multiple sexualities are now topical, including transgendered identities, Miller’s essay provides an imaginative springboard for contemporary audiences. In this article […]

still searching for prince charming

  • So you’re looking to create your very own BDSM Box. Good on you! Bondage kits from sex toy shops are often (coincidentally?) priced at £69.99 and there always seems to be something missing or something you don’t quite know how […]
  • When we’re looking for love, we all want to present ourselves in the best light. For some of us, that means picking our favourite selfies with all the filters. For others, it means showing we have friends, don’t only take […]
  • I wrote this five years ago… Considering I’m still on Bumble (and Googled this exact question this morning), I thought I should update the post. I’ve tried nearly all the dating sites and apps out there and Bumble is probably […]

Reappropriate – Asian American feminism, politics, and pop culture

From famine to feast

  • I can’t write. It’s not working for me right now. I think it’s because I’ve got things locked up tight. There’s too much going on, too much that has to get done, and too many petty grievances. If I let […]
  • I’ve been watching “Under the Banner of Heaven,” a limited series on Disney+ via Starz by way of Hulu. Only four episodes have been released, so I’m watching it old-school, one episode a week. I’m not a fan of the […]
  • I decided to make a mix of dirt and diatomaceous earth to spoon on the houseplants rather than try and add the dusty stuff loose.   I’m having a problem with fungal gnats; when you have as many houseplants as […]

The Female Gaze

  • by Katie
    When you can’t travel yourself, armchair traveling is the way to go. We’ve collected the top 10 YouTube travel channels to help you explore the world from the comfort of your living room. Kara and Nate They may be one […]
  • by Katie
    Abbott Elementary is a new mockumentary sitcom created, starring, and executive produced by comic Quinta Brunson. Taking place in a poorly-funded public school in Philadelphia, the comedy is made up of young teachers bursting with innovative teaching ideas and veteran […]
  • by Hayley Garden
    In early 2021, after a year of no major releases, Walt Disney Studios released Raya and the Last Dragon. On paper, Raya looked like a really cool movie, and an interesting departure from Disney’s usual musical, princess-focused fare. Raya is […]

The Minimize Project

Bitches Get Riches

Toxic Feminism

  • (Lynchings used to start with a MeToo moment) In 1955, in rural Mississippi, Emmett Till was accused of whistling and staring at a white woman -Carolyn Bryant Donham. Subsequently, Emmett was abducted in the dead of night and driven off […]
  • I have no particular interest in the characters Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. However, they have performed an important public service and as a result of the live-streaming of their recent defamation trial, it is now possible to have a […]
  • Critical Theory is the thought system that makes toxic feminism, toxic. According to that theory, knowledge is socially constructed and the narratives of the most powerful are what constitute accepted knowledge or truth. This means that proponents Critical Theory have […]

Feminism and Religion

Rough Wighting

  • Remember how I told you I didn’t want to live with you? I needed my own space, my own home before I made one with you. I meant it. But you didn’t believe me. Or, you believed me, but you […]
  • I remember the trip to the mountain more than the mountain itself.  Once a year, my brother and I are awakened at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. We stumble in the back seat of the 4-door Pontiac with pillows […]
  • Has it been a month already? A month since the unthinkable happened? A month since my life, and yours, and his, and hers, and all of ours, changed irrevocably. A month since the sky opened and the inconceivable occurred, but […]

Feminist Wave

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Keep It Alive

Millennium Femme

  • Monogamy definition Noun 1. the practice of marrying or state of being married to one person at a time. 2. the practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner. 3. the habit of having only one […]
  • There was no conversation about the green one when the resurgence of calling outpersonal/dating red flags. Green flags are reminders of your personal growth and all thepositive things you have done. In this rollercoaster we call life, it is essential […]
  • Happy women’s month I’ve picked series/movies/biographies dedicated to iconic women throughout Herstory that have done a great deal of change throughout time! First on my list is ‘Harriet’. Released in 2019. Starring Cynthia Erivo (Harriet Tubman), Janelle Monae(and many more […]

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