Into the Abyss – White supremacy in America

The abyss that this author is talking about is deep within the white supremacy movement which appears to be growing larger in the American consciousness. By infiltrating into their meeting and documenting their abuses, she gives us her urgent warnings.

And now, for an historical perspective, this:

4 thoughts on “Into the Abyss – White supremacy in America

  1. These are issues that many people outside the USA aren’t necessarily aware of either – although in recent years we watched with horror so many ugly events on our TV news broadcasts and wondered how on earth Trump and his cohorts got away with mass murder. How can the UNITED States of America survive?

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    1. I’m I’m a little confused. Are you saying you think people outside the US and GB are not aware of white supremacy? I’m sure in Germany and the rest of Europe, France, Poland, there are all experiencing problems with right wing groups becoming more militant. I must be reading you incorrectly.


      1. The ugly face of white supremacy is sadly still with us here – but there are some issues that are specifically American that I think haven’t yet impacted us. Others certainly haven’t gone away – antisemitism is scarily rife for instance.


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