Writing a Memoir?

Christina Chase

Recently, my sister said to me, “If your songs aren’t getting as much air time on the radio, it’s time to release another album.”

Point taken.

After a whirlwind of interviews in 2020 for my first book, It’s Good to Be Here, I haven’t had any requests since 2021 began. I seem to be getting more social media messages from strangers who have read my book, for which I am grateful (and by which I am continually amazed.) But I know that It’s Good to Be Here, published in November of 2019, isn’t getting as much “play time” through my publisher or on Catholic radio and TV stations, so…

It’s time.

It’s time to write another book. And that next book may very well be the book that most people who know me were expecting me to write the first time: the story of my life.

A Memoir?…

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